• Contact Information

    730 Norristown Road                                           (215) 441-6075
    Warminster, PA  18974

    Mr. Patrick Golderer, Principal                        Principal's Office: x14011

    Mr. Andrew Drago, Assistant Principal                    Main Office:x14012

                                                                            Guidance Office:  x14040

    School Hours

    School hours for students are 8:00am-2:45pm

    All visitors to Log College must first register at the Lower Office to obtain a Visitor's Pass. Former students who wish to visit are welcome to come after 3 p.m.


    Anyone who is either picking up or dropping off a student at school should do so at the front of the building.

    All students who normally ride a bus to and from school are not permitted to walk home unless a parent gives permission.

    Riding the bus is a privilege and anyone who is does not exhibit appropriate behavior may lose their bus riding privileges for up to a year. The student’s parents are responsible for getting their child to school during a bus suspension.

    Late Bus Schedule

    Students who wish to stay after school lets out at 2:45 may ride one of three late busses. The schedule is subject to change depending on the sports season, but generally there will be a 4:15pm bus Monday through Friday.  Late Bus Schedules are subject to change.

    Emergency School Closing  

    If inclement weather or another emergency prevents school from opening that information will be on all Cable TV channels :Comcast 28 and Verizon 36 and the District Website.  eAlerts both text and email will be sent.

    School Store 

    The school store is located on the lower level near the office. School supplies and special items are available at reasonable cost. The store is open at posted times. 

    Personal Data  

    Please notify the lower office and guidance whenever a change of address or phone number occurs. An emergency number should also be included with the information given to the lower office.

    When you wish to withdraw from school for any reason a letter from your parent or guardian must be presented to your guidance counselor. A form will be issued for checkout purposes. School records will not be released until all obligations are fulfilled, classroom and library books returned and accounts cleared.


    If it becomes necessary for you to take any form of medication at school, a signed note from a parent must be presented to the nurse. The note must say what medication is to be taken and what the dosage is. No one should carry medication of any kind (aspirin or Tylenol, etc., included). All medications will be kept in and dispensed through the nurse's office.

    Medical Excuse 

    If you are restricted from participating in school activities, including physical education, you must present a written request from your family physician to the school nurse and the teacher-in-charge describing the condition and advising the kind and type of restriction.