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    Following major events around the world is critical to understanding the world in which we live. Therefore, a current event will be due every Friday. After the first several weeks when one of the following formats will be assigned, it will be your choice of any one of the formats.

    Article Review
    Find a current event article of national or international interest
    Read the article
    Complete article review form

    Find an editorial of national or international interest
    Read the editorial
    Complete editorial assignment

    Political Cartoon

    Find a political cartoon of national or international interest
    Complete political cartoon assignment

    You may be required to present a current topic based on the news to the class. This will be a separate assignment.

    DO NOT choose articles of local interest. Unless it is related to Global or International events it will be unacceptable. From time to time, a specific topic will be assigned for that week.News articles, editorials and cartoons may be found in the newspaper, a news magazine, or the Internet provided it is a newspaper/magazine source (CNN, ABCNEWS, MSNBC is NOT acceptable) When cutting or printing out the article or editorial, make sure you get the whole piece. Often, it may be continued on another page. find it, read it and cut it out.