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    Antarctica Travel and Culture - Antarctica facts, photos, videos, and crittercam from National Geographic

    Antarctica - Enchanted Learning - Learning about Antarctica through Enchanted Learning.

    Penguins - Explaining 17 different species of penguins.

    Antarctica Facts - CIA The World Fact Book about Antarctica.

    Antarctica Worksheets for Teacher Use - Learn about Antarctica through word searches, crossword puzzles, writing exercises, and other fun activities.

    Cool Facts about Antarctica - Fascinating Facts about Antarctica.

    Animals of Antarctica - Animals of Antarctica printouts from Enchanted Learning
    Dewey Numbers

    508.9 Summer Ice: Live along the Antarctica Peninsula
    591.5 Artic Ice
    598.2 Penguins
    599 Whales and other Mammals
    919.8 Antarctica: the Last Unspoiled Continent
    998 Antarctica
    E Cow Antarctica by Helen Cowcher
    E Les Tacky the Penguin Books by Helen Lester