Asia Resources

Internet Links

Asia Geographia- Features articles on the geography, climate, history and culture of travel destinations in Asia

CIA - The World Factbook- Select a country to find fact lists about its background, people, geography, economy and politics

Enchanted Learning Asia- A collection of printable maps, flags and activity books

Asia and the Far East- IPL"s guide to holidays, games, folktales, crafts and recipes from China, Japan, and Singapore

Ask Asia- Features teacher resources about Asia including lesson plans, essays, maps, images and more from the Asia Society

The Chinese Calendar- Provides history and information on the Chinese calendar and Chinese New Year

Travel for Kids - Asia- Travel guide to countries in Asia that highlights places to visit, foods, and customs; provides a list of recommended books for children

Yahoo for Kids Holidays around the World- Links to web resources about holidays celebrated in China, Japan, India, and Korea

Chinese Culture Center"s Zodiac Page- Information and history of the Chinese zodiac, its legends and animals; also covers Chinese festivals and holidays for Asian Art Appreciation- Presents traditional and modern Asian art history, techniques, paintings and artists

Kids Web Japan- Explore Japan through Japanese culture, cooking, kids" life, language, technology, and travel

Dewey Numbers

394.24 Asian Holidays
398.2 Folklore - Asian
551.452 - 551.46 Biomes
591 - 599 Animals
641.5 Cooking and Foods
745 Crafts
821 Poetry
950 - 959.9 Asia and Countries of Asia