Australia Resources

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Australian Animals - Enchanted Learning

Australian Animals - Looks at Australian animals, their physical features, food, homes and environment and social groups.

Australia-World Fact Book - facts and information about the country, Australia.

Unique Australian Animals - Information about different types of Australian animals

Australia - Information about the country, the people and the animals

Australia for Kids - Australia is a continent and a country. It is known as the land down under because it is below of the equator.

Zoom School - Australia - Includes maps, animals, people, art, flag, etc.

Australia-Enchanted Learning - Australia information from Enchanted Learning-Geography, States and Territories, Population, etc.
Spiders of Australia - Links to information about some of Australia"s 2,000 species of arachnids

Dewey Numbers

994 Nonfiction-Australia
398.2 Folk Tale - The Biggest Frog in Australia
591.5 Australian Animals