• Biome Resources

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    World Biomes- Discover 5 major biomes and their distinguishing qualities.

    Habitats- Home Sweet Home- Explore different habitats through text and photos.

    The World"s Biomes- Increase your general knowledge of biomes.

    Temperate Deciduous Forests- Describes plant and animal life in temperate deciduous forests.

    Tundra- Basic facts about the tundra.

    Wetlands- Learn the basics about wetlands.

    Lakes- Interesting information about lakes.

    Rainforests- Discover facts about rainforests.

    Freshwater Marshes- Learn the basics about freshwater marshes.

    Biomes- Habitats- Enchanted Learning"s great information about biomes.

    Dewey Numbers

    551.43 Mountains
    551.452 Forests/Rainforests
    551.453 Grasslands/Tundra
    551.454 Deserts
    551.46 Coasts