• Using the Library
    "A good library launches young children on a journey of exploration and discovery, teaching them how to ask questions and find answers.  And the wonderful thing is that once you learn to use a library, the door to learning are open to you throughout your life." - Laura Bush
                                                                                                   White House Conference on School Libraries
                                                                                                   June 2002
    Circulation Policies and Procedures

    The library is open throughout the school day for classes, research, and book exchange. Students visit weekly with their class for a library lesson and book check-out, and may visit at other times when scheduled classes are not in the library.
    Books are checked out for one week and may be renewed.  Check-out limits for each grade:
    • Kindergarten - 1 book
    • First grade - 1 book (1st semester), 2 books (2nd semester)
    • Second grade - 2 books
    • Third grade -3 books
    • Fourth grade- 4 books
    • Fifth grade - 5 books
    Students who lose, damage, or forget to return a book will not be allowed to take out another book until that one is returned or a replacement fee is paid. There are no fines for late books.  
    Please be sure to keep library books in a safe, clean, dry place so all the library books are returned in good condition for others to enjoy!
    Library Classes
    Grades K-3 have one 30-minute library class per week.  Students typically participate in read-aloud storytimes that introduce students to fiction/nonfiction, literary genres, authors, book parts, and basic knowledge of library organization.  During book selection time, students are guided in their choices of appropriate books depending on their interest and reading levels.  Grades 2 and 3 receive additional instruction in introductory research and reference skills.  Students in grades 4 and 5 have one 45-minute class per week and build on all of these skills with the goal of becoming independent readers and users of library and information resources.  At all grade levels, the teachers and teacher-librarian reinforce appropriate reading strategies and encourage self-selection of library materials.