• President: Tony Sadowski
    • Vice President: Gretchen Lorenz
    • Treasurer: Karen Lamoreaux
    • Corresponding Secretary: Pam Foster
    • Recording Secretary: Beth Lafratta 


    ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? We are! Your Home & School Board has been working all summer to get ready for the year ahead.

    Our 3 Big Goals for 2020-21:

    1. Welcome new Home & School families
    2. Better communicate what we’re doing
    3. Keep event costs down, so more families can join in the fun

    We all started out as members, coming to monthly meetings and helping out at school events. It was exciting to get a peek behind the curtain at what’s happening at McDonald, and even more exciting to be part of making it better for our children and our wonderful faculty.

    If you’re new to McDonald, Home & School is the perfect way to get to know other families, learn about how things work (and what could work better) at our school, and get a better appreciation for how much time, effort, and money go into everything that happens here.

    If you’re an experienced Bulldog parent who hasn’t joined before, we invite you to become a member and join us for some meetings this year! By now, you’ve probably experienced some of the events and other opportunities we create for McDonald students, and we’re always looking for new ideas and new helping hands!

    If, like us, you’ve been a member for years, we thank you for your support! You know how much we care about our school and how much love we put into everything we do. We look forward to having you with us again this year, and hope you’re excited to jump back in after a summer away from McDonald.

    You can get as involved as you want – but just becoming a member, voting on important decisions like big purchases the school needs or how to change what we’re doing to better serve our Bulldogs is a great start! We’re always looking for ways to improve events and bring more of our school community together.

    We’ve been working on better communication – look for more updates on what we’re doing and what’s coming up this year, and you can always reach out to us on Facebook at McDonald Home & School (Warminster)!

    We learn a little more every year, and there’s a lot to get done!

    Quick Need-To-Know-List!

    Hope you had a fantastic summer! We have a great year planned!

    We’re the McDonald Home & School Association, a group of volunteers working to make school both educational and enjoyable. We create fun, memorable events for our wonderful students and faculty – and we need you!

    In this packet is a Home & School Membership Form! We hope you’ll join us so you can have a say in what’s happening at McDonald, help make school better for our kids, and save some money on events and after-school activities.

    Our first Virtual Home & School meeting was held on Monday, September 21st at 7PM. All parents are welcome to attend, members or not! See your Gold Card for all monthly meeting dates (and other cool events)!

    All money we raise supports our school community.

    Please don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page “McDonald Elementary Home and School (Warminster)” for regular updates and photos!

    If at any time you have a question, comment or suggestion, please email McDonaldHSA@gmail.com! We will do our best to help you.

    Let’s make it an AMAZING year!

    2020-21 Home & School Board
    Tony, Gretchen, Karen, Pam & Beth