• Multicultural Resources

    Internet Links

    Celebrating Children"s Diversity- This web site contains links to annotated bibliographies of children"s multicultural books appropriate for the elementary grades. Cultural groups currently listed include: African Americans, Chinese Americans, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Japanese Americans, Jewish Americans, Native Americans, and Korean Americans.

    How to Choose Multicultural Books- Lists of 50 great books with advice on how to spot literature that transcends stereotypes.

    Diversity Calendar- Calendar listing of various holidays around the world with links to sites about the holidays.

    Reading Acress the Cultures- 10 comprehensive units from Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

    Multicultural Reading-An annotated bibliograpy of diverse books organized by grade levels.

    Teaching Tolerance- An online destination for people interested in creating communities that value diversity. Includes various free resources for parents and teachers.

    Vandergrift"s Children"s Literature Page- Links to many multicultural bibliographies with detailed information about using children"s literature to teach.

    Awards for Multicultural Youth Literature- Comprehensive links to multicultrual award-winning books.

    Other Resources

    NoveList K-8

    Database in AccessPA Power Library. In the Teacher Resources tab, the Teaching with Fiction Archives contains various links to multicultural books and articles. These articles are organized into several divisions, according to NoveList reading levels: Easy, Children"s and Young Adult. Easy level books appeal to ages 0 - 7, Children"s level books appeal to ages 8 - 12, and Young Adult level books appeal to readers ages 13 and up.


    An online collection of K-12 multimedia author and book resources. (Username and Password required)


    Links to country reports that go beyond mere facts and figures to deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture. In-depth reports covering 190+ countries and all 50 United States. (Username and Password required)

    Resource Binders

    Print bibiliographies from various sources. Available in your library.