• North America Resources

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    America"s Story- Discover the stories of America"s past.

    Arctic Studies Center- Explore the history, culture, environments, and issues of the northern peoples.

    The Inuit- Explore the land, travel, houses, food, work, tools, clothes, and play of the Inuit people.

    Canada"s First Nations and Inuit- Discover interesting facts, maps, photographs, pictures, historical information and more about Canada"s First Nations and the Inuits.

    Inuit Life: Past and Present- Learn about the food, clothing, beliefs and customs, tools and weapons, transportation, and the Inuit today.

    Arctic Animals- Includes stories, pictures, interesting fact sheets. Worthwhile student - written site notwithstanding some errors in writing.

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police- Learn more about the Mounties, past and present.

    Time for Kids- Mexico- Explore Mexico"s history and culture - available in Spanish.

    World Almanac for Kids - Mexico- Basic facts about Mexico.


    Dewey Numbers

    394.24 Holidays and celebrations
    398.2 Fairytales and folk tales
    641.5 Cookbooks
    970 North America
    971 Canada
    972 Mexico
    998 Inuit