• South America & Rainforest Resources

    Internet Links

    Rainforest Alliance - Species Profiles (filter by Region "South America") 

    SoftSchools Animal Facts A-Z - sorted in A-Z order
    Passport to the Rainforest - Information about Rainforests around the world

    Rainforest Library - Introduces students to the animals, plants, and people of the Amazon Rainforest 

    All About Rainforests - from Enchanted Learning - Includes information about the layers of the Rainforest as well as the animals
    South American Animal Printouts - from Enchanted Learning
    South American Animals - Facts about the animals of South America from the Hogle Zoo
    San Diego Zoo Animals - South America - Facts about South American animals 
    Journey into Amazonia - PBS series that features the swollen rivers, flooded forests and dense canopy of the world"s largest rainforest; includes "Amazon Explorer!" - an interactive journey through the rainforest
    Country Facts - Maps, flags, and information about each country

    A to Z Animals - Online animal encyclopedia


     Dewey Numbers
    394.24 Holidays
    398.2 Folktales
    551.43 to 551.454 Biomes
    591 to 599 Animals
    745 Crafts
    972 Aztec, Inca and Maya - Native South Americans
    980 to 989 South America and its Countries