• United States/Regions Resources

    Internet Links

    Stately Knowledge - Basic facts about any state from the Internet Public Library"s Kidspace

    Explore the States - Facts and stories about each state from "America"s Story" by the Library of Congress

    Enchanted Learning - U.S. States - Facts, maps, and state symbols for the 50 states, with links to related quizzes and printouts

    U.S.A. Online Map Puzzle Game - Interactive map games on U.S.A. capitals, states, and geography

    Netstate - State symbols, Almanac information for each state, maps and quizzes

    National Park Service - Explores all of the National Park Service sites - find a park by state

    The Fifty States - State profiles from the Fact Monster almanac

    The US50 - Fast facts, state history, historic figures, fun & games

    Dewey Numbers

    973 United States, individual states
    974-975 Middle Atlantic States
    979.8 Alaska