• Weather Resources

    Internet Links

    The Weather Channel- Locate information about weather around the world

    Web Weather for Kids- Information, activities, stories, and pictures. Includes thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards and even forecasting.

    Dan"s Wild Weather Page- Information about clouds, tornadoes, satellites, radar, wind, climate, and more. Suitable for all ages. Also includes games, quizzes, and teacher resources.

    Franklin Institute Online- You can build your own weather station, learn about today"s sophisticated weather technologies, and check the weather in the Philadelphia area right now.

    Weather Facts- Interesting and unusual facts about weather, including lightning.

    The National Severe Storm Labratory- Information on tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and thunderstorms.

    What is Weather?- Learn what makes up weather. Activities involve wind direction, wind force, precipitation, temperature, sunshine, visibility, and clouds.

    Weather Wiz Kids- Weather definitions and other kid friendly information.

    StormFax Weather Almanac- Information about Groundhog Day, with a history of shadow/no shadow dating to 1887.

    Using a Thermometer- This game will test your ability to read a thermometer in order to properly dress a bear for the weather. You can make quick comparisons between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

    Dewey Numbers

    551.5 Information about all types of weather
    821.08 Collection of poetry related to weather
    904 Natural Disasters
    E Picture Books
    F Fiction