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Thank You for Giving - #GivingTuesday

Dear Centennial Community,

Many times, we know we need to thank people for helping but can’t find the right things to say. This is one of those times.  The response from our #GivingTuesday campaign was overwhelming and genuinely heartfelt. Your contribution has helped to take some of the burden away from an important and urgent problem, food insecurity.

When we launched our first #GivingTuesday campaign in 2017, we raised $1150 and today we are proud to say that we raised a total of $4634 for Klinger’s Farmers Market.  The response from the Centennial community defines what the word “giving” means.  Your contribution means the world to those that are personally impacted by Covid.  Just imagine their faces when there isn’t a threat of being turned away from the food car line.  A goal for all of us to achieve.

While 2020 has been a fundraising year like no other, our mission is still as important today as it was when the year began. We are focusing on relationships, and how to help the Centennial community.

To all our supporters, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

Carolyn Fisher, M.S., M.Ed
Executive Director
Centennial Education Foundation