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Chromebook Chargers

Please make sure students charge their Chromebooks when they get to 15%. Please do not wait until they get down to zero.

If they need a replacement charger, they can buy them from our tech department or go on Amazon.

Chromebook tip: Charge the Chromebook before your student goes to bed. A full battery will last your student all day and the charger can be kept at home. This will reduce the risk of losing it. 

Chromebook Guidelines

The following are general guidelines to care for your HP Chromebook.

Charging (This is the MOST Important!)

Bring your Chromebook to school fully charged. It should be charged every night. A full charge will last you the entire school day. During the day you will just need to close the lid (sleep mode) and go to the next class.

The Chromebook’s Display is a sensitive component. If you drop your Chromebook,
slam the lid shut, and/or expose it to excessive pressure or weight, it may crack. Make sure
you don't have anything between the screen and keyboard as you close the case.

Don't place items on top of your Chromebook as the weight can cause damage to the
screen. Always keep magnetic devices away from your Chromebook.

Always close the Chromebook lid prior to moving it.

The safest and the best way to transport your Chromebook is in the Black Chromebook case you were provided.


How should a student transport their Chromebook between classes?

Chromebooks should never be transported while open as even gentle handling can damage the screen.

Chromebooks should be safely closed and placed in the black bag they were given with their Chromebook before they are taken from classroom to classroom, or to and from school.