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Car Rider Pick-Up, Drop Off & Walker Procedures


The following outlines the Log College Middle School parent pick-up/ drop-off and student walker procedures for morning, afternoon, and after school activities.


Just a reminder:  Students should not arrive to Log College Middle School prior to 7:35 A.M.  Students will not be permitted to enter the building before 7:35 A.M.  


We are asking, for the safety of all students, parents and staff that we all adhere to the following procedures both during the school day and for after school activities.  Please make sure whomever is picking up your student is aware of the procedure to help maintain the safety of staff and students:


Car Riders

Please adhere to the following procedures to ensure the safety of all students and staff.  Students are not to be dropped off in the bus loading/unloading area during morning arrival, after school dismissal or during evening activity pick-up.  Please read below for pick-up and drop-off procedures.  Thank you for your help and cooperation in ensuring our students and staff remain safe.


1) All car riders must enter and exit at the Auditorium side of the building.


2) Stay in the car line while dropping students off or after school while waiting for your children to exit the building. (Do not park in the parking spots and allow your student to walk to the building or walk to you).


3) Pull forward (as space allows) and utilize the entire length of the car line along the sidewalk. 


4) Once you have unloaded/ loaded your child(ren), please exit the parking lot.  Please do not block the bus entrances as you are leaving the parking lot. 


 Student Walkers

  1. Students who walk to school enter through the main security entrance of Log College Middle School starting at 7:35 A.M. Students then report to the cafeteria if they are eating breakfast or to their designated area until the first bell rings.  
  2. Students who will be walking home from school exit through the main security entrance and begin to walk home. Students are reminded to stay off residents property as they are walking home.